Megan Bee: acoustic guitar, vocals
John Borchard: pedal steel
Terry Douds: upright bass
River Glen: backing vocals
Joe Stevens: backing vocals
I’m passing thru Tehachapi and I’m headed down to Mojave
I left Bakersfield by the morning light thought I would stay forever but it didn’t feel right now
Barstow’s just down the road, it’s always been a place I thought I’d like to go
Apple Valley ain’t so far away, I gotta find a place where I can stay
Cause I ain’t going back to Bakersfield
I can’t feel the way she wants
And I can’t feel the way I want to feel for her
We use to stay up late, we’d stay out all night, And hear the Bakersfield sound under the neon lights
Merle Haggard was playing those heartbreak songs, we were so in love but then something went wrong
And I don’t know why but I just broke down, like a steel guitar in that lovesick town
Now every country song that made me feel at home started to make me cry feeling so alone

John Borchard on the pedal steel


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