Sometimes when I'm traveling people ask where I'm from.  When I tell them Ohio I get a variety of reactions.  My least favorite is "Oh, I'm sorry" to which I respond "Don't be, I love it."  Then there is the, "Oh, I think I drove thru there once" or "That's all flat farmland isn't it?".  Sometimes people think they know where Ohio is, but then you realize they're thinking of Idaho or Iowa.  

This whole season I've been touring around to some unique and wonderful Ohio towns.  I wanted to share some snap shots of small towns, great venues, and nature in our beautiful state.   


This season started out with the Nelsonville Music Festival in Nelsonville, OH.  What a way to kick it off!   There were some amazing acts on the line-up.  The organizers are hardworking, dedicated, real folks.  It was a blast!

photo credit: Scotty Hall

photo credit: Scotty Hall


The first day of Nelsonville was also the last day of Camp Oty' Okwa for the school year.  I taught my last geology class and headed right to the festival.  The camp is in the Hocking Hills region where sandstone cliffs, recessed caves, and waterfalls paint landscape.  


Also in  that region is Logan, OH.  There is a great place to walk near the Hocking River behind the Old Dutch Restaurant.  It's a little hidden, but if you walk down to the river then along the tracks you come to a little cut in the trees.  If you look just left of center you can see a dark spot in the top of the far tree line.  There is a Bald Eagle nest out there I've been visiting for years.  


This year there were two eaglets.  Below is a parent and the immature eagle.  I took the photo with my phone thru my binoculars so it's a little blurry.



There are many great things to see when you look up in Ohio.  This was my view when I played on the patio at The Spot on Main in Jackson, OH.  Jackson use to be the apple hotbed of Ohio, and they still host an Apple Festival every year.  

Also, Circleville, OH has a huge Pumpkin Show yearly and their water tower is painted like a pumpkin.


I've been driving backroads to gigs whenever I have the time.  Of course, you have to watch out for the occasional Snapping Turtle crossing.


Rain has been the creator of other backroad excitement.  This is Sunday Creek covering the road in Glouster, OH.  I hadn't thought my route through after those big rains and I had to take a couple of detours that day.  


There are also plenty of roadside attractions to stop and see.  This is Big Muskie, a retired drag-line bucket.  It was part of the largest single-bucket digging machine ever created. It was used to mine coal from 1969 to 1991.  The bucket itself is 220 cubic yards.  They say it could hold two greyhound busses side by side.  The machine that ran it was 150 feet wide, which is equivalent to an 8-lane highway.  Coal still has a big impact and presence in southern Ohio.



Sometimes I just have to pull over and enjoy the view.  Those hills just roll out forever like the ocean.  


Here are a few examples of venues I've played this month:

Local Breweries such as Birdfish Brewing in Columbiana, OH... 


...Wineries such as Georgetown Vineyards in Cambridge, OH with it's incredible view...


...  some one-of-a-kind spots like Plain Folk Cafe in Pleasant Plain, OH just outside of Cincinnati.  This two-room school house built in 1913 is now a music venue and restaurant...


...and outdoor community events like Boogie on the Bricks in Athens, OH this past weekend.  I played with my local friends Chris Biester and Molly Jo.  It was great to be in the middle of Court Street looking out at all of the wonderful people who make up this community.  

photo credit: @klj_francis

photo credit: @klj_francis


Thanks so much for reading the blog, checking out the photos, and staying connected.  Feel free to comment and share what you love about Ohio!  I know this was just a brief smattering of photos.  If you've never been to Ohio, I hope you got a little taste of the small, humble beauty here.  Sometimes the little things are the big things...


Peace, Love, Music... 

Megan Bee


At the end of this southern tour I found myself with hundreds of photos.  I decided to narrow it down to 12 for the blog so it didn't feel like an old family vacation slide shows that your uncle use to make you sit through.  

I chose 12 from off the beaten path, backstage, and behind the scenes...


1. Abandoned Gas Station

This station is on the east side of the Salton Sea.  I never ran out of gas on this tour, but there were some nervous moments when the distance between gas stations was farther than estimated.  



2. Peeping in Salvation Mountain

There are tons of images of Salvation Mountain in Slab City, CA on the internet.  I was walking through one day when this couple was shooting wedding photos.  I was inside the adobe cave looking out.  



3. Around the Campfire

My favorite venue.  Campfires.  Music gets made around the campfire that might never happen anywhere else.  There's a raw, spontaneous, community that emerges from the flames.  



4. The Racetrack 

In Death Valley National Park, at 3714 feet above sea level, there is a dry lake bed full of rocks.  The rocks move around with the freezing and thawing of thin ice and leave tracks behind them.  It takes a high clearance 4WD vehicle to get up there, and this year I finally caught a ride up to see it.  I have to say, I thought the rocks would be bigger.  



5. The Journey

It's more about the journey than the destination.  The drive up to The Racetrack...  Phew!



6. The Roadrunner

My muse.  This Roadrunner is perched at a rest stop looking over Las Cruces, NM.  She's 20 feet high, 40 feet long, and made from refuse sourced in a local dump.  She's a combination of old tire tread, shoes, and computer parts.



 7.  The View

I love to find myself in the vastness of the desert.  This was on a day hike with a couple friends.

photo credit: Bobby Burgess



8.  Texas Wildflowers

The entire drive across Texas was full of wildflowers.  The west desert flowers gave way to the east Texas Bluebonnets.




9. The Green Room

I've played in lots of funky venues along the way.  The Old Quarter is a sweet listening room in Galveston, TX.  Here in the back room there are old show fliers from some amazing artists who have played here.  The original owner was a close friend of Townes Van Zandt.



10. Street Music

On Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA on a Monday afternoon there is music everywhere.  Every corner is full of music.  New Orleans is like no other city I know.



11. Trees

I was couchsurfing in Tallahassee, FL and my host tipped me off to this Live Oak on a preserved spot of land called Lichgate.  The tree is over 300 years old.  Before my gig I spent part of the afternoon writing in my journal while lounging under these branches.



12. Wake Up Calls

I know this picture is a little blurry, but I just had to add it to the list.  This was waking up in Savannah, GA after my last night of the tour.  I have spent so many nights camping, couchsurfing, and staying in guest rooms.  Everyday is different and new.  Sometimes I wake up in the van to some incredible view.  Sometimes I wake up wondering where I am.  Sometimes I wake up to my friends rustling around in the kitchen and their sweet animals coming in to greet the visitor.  I am so grateful to all of the friends new and old who open their houses to me.  It would be awful lonely and not worth the trip if I didn't get to see some beautiful people along the way.  I am grateful to live the life I live, to travel with music, and to know so many loving people.  Thank you!

And thank YOU for reading the blog!  

The new year is creeping right up on us!  Since my last blog I've made a loop around California and then flew back to Ohio.  Here's a look at the last month starting with another campfire jam in the desert with my friend Roger.  Photo credit: Michelle Hamilton


Around Thanksgiving I took a drive up to the lovely redwoods in the Bay Area...



I got to spend Thanksgiving day with my cousins up in Burlingame, CA.  Seeing these two cuties was refreshing.  Their mom, Meghan, is an amazing fabric artist, crafter, preschool teacher, and entrepreneur.  Check out her blog at


I also had a visit with my friends up in Sonoma County.  They were close to the big fires up there, but thankfully none were in the direct path.  Traveling through the area was pretty shocking.  The massive amount land burned and people affected is hard to take in. This is a vineyard in Sebastopol that was untouched by the fire.


Out on the Sonoma Coast we caught one of those sunsets that just wouldn't stop.  I'll go back to this evening on the beach in my mind when I need a little inspiration sometime.  




Here's a view from a farm I use to WWOOF on years ago.


I headed back to The Ranch where there was plenty of wood to stack and restack.  Being on The Ranch was a nice balance of catching up on next year's booking, doing some physical labor, and visiting with the revolving cast of characters that populate the unique place.   Timbo found this chair on the side of the road and told me it could be my queen's chair.  I asked him to put it on top of this years wood pile.


Inside the house, since there is no shortage of wood to burn, we burn it.  I spent plenty of time here staring at the flames.  I highly recommend this meditative activity.


Lancaster, CA is a high desert climate in the Antelope Valley.  I loved daily hikes around the area.  I'd see coyotes, ravens, Joshua Trees, and always Tumbleweeds.  "See them them tumbling down, pledging their love to the ground..."


This Creosote Bush is over 800 years old.  There's my friend Bird Bob for scale...


From here we could see the smoke from the L.A. fires on the horizon.  The closest one was about 30 miles away and we watched the news daily to see the developments.  It's a strange feeling to be so close to something to powerfully destructive and know that people there are having their lives threatened just over the mountain while you are cozy by a wood stove.  


All of the particles in the air often made for some shockingly colorful sunsets.



The ravens in the west are so vocal and social.  They rattle, call, and make percussive songs in the trees.  Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon they gather their closest 50 friends together and just ride the thermals up to the atmosphere.  Here's a little series of ravens in black and white...


Then I rode some of my own thermals from L.A. to Detroit.  


I had a visit with my family and we explored the land of ice and snow along the shores of Lake Erie.


Then I headed to Athens, Ohio to play some gigs, see some friends, visit Blue Eagle Music, and housesit for the holidays.


Concert at Casa Nueva with my friend Chris Biester.  Photo credit: Phil Lanning

Happy new year to everyone! 




Above is a video featuring some clips from places I've hiked and camped in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Below are some photos of the past month.  I spent about 3 weeks straight living in my tent out in the desert.  I wrote, played my guitar, looked at the stars, hiked up canyons, and spit a little sand.  It was truly rewarding and refreshing.  This year has been so busy, and I finally allowed  myself to soak it all in.  And even though I didn't have too many "real" gigs this month, I have played more than ever at parties, jams, and around campfires...


My tent is in the lower left of this panorama shot... 


Grinding stones from tribal peoples...






Canyon walls... 




A most excellent campsite...


Ravens' nests on the cliffs...


A closer look at the ravens' nests...






And then I took a trip to a friend's farm in Southern California.  There were lots of fruit trees in fruit.  Avacados, Persimmons, Kumquats, Cherimoya, Oranges, Jelly Palm, Guavas, Pomegranates... 



The fertile orchards are such a stark contrast to the desert...





Sometimes I like to climb up on my minivan...


 Now I'm back at The Ranch playing catch up with emails and booking in-between stacking firewood...


My friend Timbo took this photo at The Ranch in the morning light...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this week.  I hope you are all finding some gratitude in your life!  I am thankful everyday to be here on this earth; writing songs, stacking firewood, sleeping in a van, meeting new people, sharing food, breathing, walking, singing... on and on.

Thank you for reading the blog.



Greetings from the Canyon Tour!

17 days and 3000 miles on the road and all is well.  I've had some time to reconnect with some friends across the country and play some shows ranging from intimate house concerts to crowded breweries to quiet campfires.  It all started in Chicago...




The summer is wrapping up in Ohio.  The bittersweet pull of the road is tugging on my tires.  I have a brand new album, a brand new old van, and a list of places to go...


Another summer has come and brought opportunities to co-write with kids at local libraries and camps.  Most of these songs have come from less than 2 hours of being together.  In that time we have a crash course in melody, creative writing, song parts, and teamwork...



I've been using the word "support" so much lately.  Once I launched the Kickstarter campaign I had to start asking folks for their support.  It's big and scary to set a goal, make it public, and ask for help.  Everyone is watching and there are so many stigmas about asking for help, especially when you're asking for money.  





For the past few months I've been writing, working on guitars, and resting up a bit.  I've been recovering from a case of tendinitis in my wrists since November.  I've sought advice from massage therapists, osteopaths, and patient house plants...

Read on for wild softball game in the desert and a giant rock in the road...



Happy December everyone!  I'm nesting in Ohio for most of the winter.  I've done so much traveling this year that staying in one spot feels like a great new adventure. 

There's a new album in the works, and for now I offer up this single. "That's Enough"...




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