The summer is wrapping up in Ohio.  The bittersweet pull of the road is tugging on my tires.  I have a brand new album, a brand new old van, and a list of places to go.

I released my new album this week with a heartwarming show in Athens at Casa Nueva.  It sure makes it harder to leave when there are so many lovely people there...

 Playing with Chris Biester. photo credit Shei Sanchez

And then it was off to Yellow Springs, OH for a lovely backyard concert...

photo credit Summer Bair

When "Like a Canyon" arrived, my living room turned into a shipping office as I sent CDs off to all of the Kickstarter supporters who funded it.  As I went down the list I was reminded of all of the people who made this album happen.  I am blessed...

It's available digitally HERE!


The album was recorded at Peachfork Studios in Pomeroy, OH and mastered at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle, WA.  It was produced by Bernie Nau and myself.  It features guest musicians from the Mountain Stage Band: Ryan Kennedy, Ammed Solomon, and Steve Hill.  Plus Joe Stevens, Bernie Nau, and John Borchard.  I'm really happy with it, and I think you're going to enjoy it.

Besides finishing the album, I spent much of my summer shopping for a new old van.  My '99 Caravan that I took across country twice last year was starting to become unreliable.  One of the issues was a lack of AC and a driver's side window that wouldn't roll down.  That made for some really sweaty drives.  So after test driving and kicking tires all summer, I finally pulled the trigger.  Here is my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan...

I'm just starting to settle into it.  My brother is helping me modify my old bed to fit into the new van.  I'll share some more pictures when I'm fully moved in...

I've got lots of packing to do today and then it's off to Chicago for a show.  Then on westward from there.

 Before I left Athens, a photo student from Ohio University named Matt Starkey asked to do a photo story on me for a school project.  He came to a couple of my shows and visited me at Blue Eagle Music. The following pictures are all from Matt... 



I'll see you all out there!



September 20, 2017 @08:58 am
Ann Bale
Remember me from Knoop's Ed. week at camp? Congrats on your new CD! Happen to be in Fort Collins helping with new grandbaby, & saw you are performing Sat. & Sun. Will be in Denver & Boulder part of the weekend, but if I am in town, how do I get tickets. Would love to come & hear your tunes! Let me know! Ann Bale
September 18, 2017 @07:50 pm
Can't wait to see you!!

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