For the past few months I've been writing, working on guitars, and resting up a bit.  I've been recovering from a case of tendinitis in my wrists since November.  I've sought advice from massage therapists, osteopaths, and patient house plants.

I've been learning about healing from this ZZ plant that was living at Blue Eagle Music.  After some over-watering and root disturbance that left it bare back in November I took it home to recoup.  For over two months nothing happened and then...

...there was just this little sign of hope.  There was some life left down under the soil after all.  Watching it grow a little everyday has been a great inspiration.  Just look at that little shoot now!  

That's kind of how I've been feeling lately.  Sometimes life is like a light switch flipping on, and sometimes it's just like a dimmer switch slowly getting brighter.  Just keep moving forward.

So I scheduled some days in Peachfork Studio, looked some vocal mics in the eye, and sang them some new songs. 

I asked some members of the Mountain Stage band to come play with me.  Mountain Stage is a live weekly radio show out of West Virginia that I love.  It never hurts to ask.  I ended up hiring Ammed, Ryan, and Steve  (drums, guitar, and bass) to come play on a few songs.  What fun!!  I can't wait for ya'll to hear what we've been working on.  These guys are stellar musicians and wonderful people.

I have a few more days in the studio over the next few weeks.  It's all coming together step by step.  

In other news, I recently had a phone call with my friend Piano Dan (who you might know from previous blogs or stories at shows).  He asked if I was going to come out to California for the annual President's Day softball game.  I wasn't sure.  Then he said, "Life's too short not to do some of the big important things."

So I flew to Las Vegas and caught a ride on a road that isn't really a road... a place where you can see for miles...

... just in time for the most scenic softball game ever.  This annual tradition is part family reunion, part music festival, part sporting event, and part wilderness camping trip.  

The Misfits won this year, but the Skins dominated in the cheerleader department with their Village People...

A friend was asking me how my trip was.  I told her it was life distilled to it's pure elements -



and Being Outside.


Music. (joe stevens showed up!)


 Friends (this was a really windy day.  we're all ducking away in the van)


and Being Outside. (this canyon... wow)

It rained for two days in a row out there, a rarity for the Death Valley region.  There was snow on the passes and mud in the valley.  When we drove out we found this "lake" where there is usually a dried salt bed in the Panamint Valley.  Sometimes there is water in the desert!


So don't forget to reconnect with whatever raw elements make your life what is.

And if there's an obstacle in your way...

... keep moving forward.

Wishing you all healing, patience, creativity, and love.





March 14, 2017 @09:08 pm
Ranger Ric
Felt as if I was there this year through your words & pic....Terry is a fun one, isn't she?
March 14, 2017 @05:51 pm
You have a awesome outlook on life, we all need to be a little more like you.
March 14, 2017 @04:16 pm
Amy Bihn (Mom)
Your photos and words are inspiring!
March 14, 2017 @10:37 am
Radio Mike
Miss ya Darlin'
March 14, 2017 @10:15 am
seymore butts
March 14, 2017 @08:26 am
Heidi pendergast
Love this Megan! Thank you!
March 13, 2017 @04:41 pm
this is all I needed to read today. so honored to be your friend <3
March 13, 2017 @09:36 am
Joan Connor
Love all the photos! Thanks for sharing your journey.

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