This month I wanted to share a few projects from my recent Songwriting Workshops for kids.  These workshops are a haphazard dive into the creative process.  I meet with 8-15 kids, we come to some consensus of what to write about, we do creative writing exercises, and ultimately write a song.  We share ideas, cross out words, move them, work on rhythm, feeling, melody, and record our creation.  All of this happens in 2-3 hours depending on the workshop format.

If you have a group you'd like me to come work with give me a holler!  Libraries, camps, school groups, etc...

Athens Public Library wrote a great silly song with lesson...

Nelsonville Public Library wrote about their library...

Science Camp at Camp Oty' Okwa got eerie with this Sci-Fi look at their favorite hiking place...


This week I'm working with Athens Rock Camp for Girls.  The campers have a week to learn an instrument, write a song, and perform with their band this coming weekend.  Some of them have never played before.  We'll see what magic happens!

Then I have one more local songwriting workshop at Chauncey Public Library 3PM July 26 & 27  .

I hope you are getting creative in whatever way moves you.

Cheers. Megan




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