What a journey!  Here I am in Fort Collins, Colorado after a cross-country drive, a week at Rocky Mountain Song School, and a string of shows.  The trip has been full of lessons learned...

First of all I had my first blow out on the highway!  I had just crossed into Colorado near Sterling on a 95 degree day.  I had been feeling a little rumble in my van and was checking the tires along the way.  Then all of a sudden, like popping a birthday balloon - pow! - there was black stuff flying off in my rear-view mirror...

It was a good chance to practice my roadside skills.  I could think of worse places to blow a tire.  The town was only a few miles up and after I got the spare on it was nice to sit in an air-conditioned tire store and cool off for a while.

Then it was on to Fort Collins and welcomed in to my friend's Terry and Skip's beautiful space.  I'm so lucky to have such loving friends with open arms and amazing backyards!

I played there, down in Denver, and then headed off to song school...

This was my 3rd year attending song school which is an intense week of studying all things songwriting.  Besides amazing classes, it is a chance to connect with other writers around the country in a beautiful place.

Here I am performing for the nightly open mic with Ingrid Elizabeth and JJ Jones. 

Among the teachers this year was Grammy-winning singer, Kathy Mattea.  What an honor to get to hang out and hear her stories.  She said one of the first times she fell in love with singing was at Girl Scout Camp.  She helped remind us all of the simple power of singing music together.  As a past camp counselor I loved hearing this story.

Just like any summer camp, I left with this mix of feelings.  I was sad to leave behind my new and old friends, but so inspired to move forward into this world.

Colorado is beautiful.  My friend Terry and I took a trip up Poudre Canyon this weekend.  This is where the mountains and plains collide, two huge forces constantly pushing up against each other.  I was thinking that the mountains were the big force, but she reminded me what a dynamic energy the vast plains are.  Plain open space is as powerful as a mountain range... think about that!  And this isn't an event that happened in history.  The pushing, eroding, and colliding are all happening right now.

Mishawaka up Poudre Canyon

Just yesterday I took a hike with my artist friend John.  I originally met John on the road in Slab City, we've traveled together to Saline, and he is also the artist behind my last CD and t-shirt.  We went up to Horsetooth Reservoir and took a hike on one of the windiest days. I could feel the mountains and plains colliding...

And if you haven't seen John's housetruck here it is...

Now my van is almost packed up.  I'm headed south through New Mexico and on to Arizona with two new back tires and a heart full of inspiration. 

Don't forget to check your tires out there!  And don't forget to notice what forces of nature are happening right now around you...

Until next time - Peace, Love, and Music.


Brew on Broadway. Photo Credit Patrick Cross



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