Carry me Away

Megan Bee: acoustic guitar, vocals
Terry Douds: upright bass
River Glen: backing vocals
Bernie Nau: piano
Bill Rawlins: hands, thighs, foot stomp, marching bass drum
Joe Stevens: backing vocals
Carry me away, carry me away
Take me down to the water, to the river
Carry me away, carry me away
Take the sins of this poor girl, lay um down, and just forgive her
I ain’t been livin’ like I should I’ve been holding back I’m tired and my heart is bound
I ain’t been diggin’ deep enough, in fact I’ve been drying out on this solid ground
Oh you know I hope you’ll be coming around so you can
We’ve been carrying that ball and chain we’ve been working too hard we’ve been clocking in and out
That boat’s been tied to the dock, it’s just dying to rock, think you know what I’m talking about
Well I think you know what I’m talking about, why don’t you

Joe Stevens on backing vocals


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