My Galaxy

Live at the "Blue Room Sessions"
Insea Sound Shop. Nelsonville, OH
Megan Bee: acoustic guitar, vocals
I tried to write you but the postman won’t deliver
Outside of this atmosphere so I wish you’d reconsider
Coming back to town, coming back down
So I set up the telescope out in the backyard
I’ve been checking out the Pleiades, Venus and Mars
But I don’t see your face, anywhere out in space
And you use to be So close to me
You use to sleep in my bed
And I didn’t need a telescope to see
If you were in my galaxy, anywhere close to me
I look thru the eyepiece, I’m finding Orion
And the nebulus and Sirius and space debri flyin
And the satelites, they all seem so close tonight
Then I turned the glass two degrees to the south
Just to catch you in the distance walking right out
Of the milky way, 24 thousand light years away

Live at the "Blue Room Sessions"

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