Megan Bee: acoustic guitar, vocals
Oh Roger, you painted pictures til the day you died
Saw the pattern on the wing and the ring around the eye
They thought you’d live forever well atleast you tried
Oh Roger, so much in the life of just one man
With a love in your heart and a paintbrush in your hand
Well you could change the way we’re gonna see this land
I want to see the world thru an artist’s eye
See the pattern on the wing as a bird takes flight
And go peacefully in the middle of the night
Oh Roger, you left a flycatcher with a colorless wing
Put your paintbrush down for the night, such a simple thing
You didn’t know that you wouldn’t be finishing
Oh Roger, when I take to the field and I step in to the sun
I’ve only got so much time in this life, I just got one
Well I better get started or I’ll never get done
In this life there’s so much to do
Well you kept your eyes open just to see it thru
Kept your back to the wind and away you flew

Roger Peterson's final unfinished painting from the 5th edition of Eastern Birds

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