Is it ever enough?

Happy December everyone!  I'm nesting in Ohio for most of the winter.  I've done so much traveling this year that staying in one spot feels like a great new adventure. 

There's a new album in the works, and for now I offer up this single. "That's Enough"...

(photo credit to Amy Bihn.  she took this while we were on a walk.  these are the tracks near my childhood home)

Last year my songwriters circle challenged me to write a holiday song.  I was thinking about how sometimes I feel like I live on the edge, and somehow I always have enough.  What if my karma is that I'll always have enough?  Never an excess and never nothing.  Just enough? 

Enough is great!  Enough is satisfying.  How do we know when we have had enough?  How do we let ourselves know that we are enough?  And in this holiday season when we buy, eat, drink, spend, and try to please in excess?

So that phrase was ringing in my head.  I hope you enjoy the song.  You can find a free download at  Just click "buy now" and enter zero OR any price if you're feeling moved in this season of giving.  Please share it with anyone you think might enjoy it. 

If that's not enough, don't worry, there's more!  Last Saturday I sat in as the musical guest on the local WOUB AM show "Roots and Branches."  You can hear the entire conversation and music here:

November brought a regional tour of coffee shops, breweries, taverns, and house shows with my brother from another mother, Josiah Whitley.  It was quite a trip.  We were both so excited and then oh so challenged by seasonal colds, sinuses, and epic hoarse voices.  Crowds were seduced by my sexy raspy voice for a night, but then I had to rest for a while.  It's scary when your voice is struggling.  We had to cancel one show at the end of the tour.  I promise myself I'll take better care of my voice.

picture by summer bair

We still did have so much fun despite the struggle.  How could you not have fun when this is your view!?!  I took this picture at a great house concert in Dayton.

If you still haven't had enough, then let me tell you about my past week in Virginia.  I went to work with a kid's music program called Kid Pan Alley.  It's a non-profit that goes into schools and writes songs with classrooms.  Kid's learn about valuing everyone's ideas through the songwriting process.  The class goes from blank page to performing their song within just a few class periods.  It's pretty amazing.  We worked with 3rd grade classrooms in Warrenton, VA.  I learned so much and I'm excited to continue working with kids music in my home town.  You can check out their program at

Enough yet?

Well how about these puppets!?

What an honor to get to carry this beautiful puppet in the Honey for the Heart parade this year!  It was a great time to be back in Athens.  These community art spectacles are just another reason I love this town.

Ok.  That's enough. Until next time, thanks so much for reading the blog.

I hope your holidays are simple and beautiful.

-Megan Bee

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