I've been using the word "support" so much lately.  Once I launched the Kickstarter campaign I had to start asking folks for their support.  It's big and scary to set a goal, make it public, and ask for help.  Everyone is watching and there are so many stigmas about asking for help, especially when you're asking for money.  

The whole process has opened up more than a few conversations about support.  I am honored that some of you have trusted me in asking for my support in return.  So many people are worried about their jobs, houses, finances, families, and relationships.  No one is alone on this journey.

Really, we all need support.  We all need each other.  

I want you to know that I'm open to giving and receiving support.  If you are financially able to back my new album (and really there is no amount too small) I invite you to at:

If you have any words of encouragement I am definitely open to those too!

And if you need some feedback, some encouragement, or someone to listen, I'm here.  If I can't help maybe I know someone who can.

Meanwhile, here are 3 places I have been finding inspiration lately...

1.) Wow!  As of this moment there are 62 people who have boldly backed my new album.  That's amazing!  I am so blessed to have people in my life that believe in my music and are willing and able to put money behind it.  It takes a community.  Thanks for being here. 

2.) I've been reading Carole King's memoir "Natural Woman."  I'm enchanted.  Her amazing catalog of songs is immense.  Even bigger is her courage in telling her story.  She puts it out there.  Reading this has been so encouraging.  Thanks Carole. 

3.) Some of you know that I teach environmental education in the spring and the fall.  This week wraps up an amazing spring season.  The kids, teachers, staff, birds, trees, and landscape have been a constant inspiration of how connected we all are.  I'll leave you with some photos from Camp Oty' Okwa...

geology in sandstone caves

love is in the air... er, I mean in the water (green frogs)

tree frog eyes

and some sandstone abstracts...

Peace, Love, Music, and Support.


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  • Mom
    You are so honest in your songs. You inspire me! Keep that free spirit and love of nature!

    You are so honest in your songs. You inspire me! Keep that free spirit and love of nature!

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