Down by the Bay

I just spent two weeks up in the San Francisco bay area.  What a big place!  Big cities are not typically a comfortable place for me.  I get a little anxious stuck in traffic, looking for a parking spot, or finding a place to pee...

Then I think about all the inner-city youth I’ve taken hiking at camp.  Lots of those kids get nervous and unsure about their surroundings out in the woods (especially when finding a place to pee).  They probably feel like I feel in the big city.  It’s just not what we’re use to.

I encourage those youth to open their eyes to the beauty and to try something different.  I believe it’s in those slightly uncomfortable spaces where we can really learn about ourselves and maybe even grow a little.  So I try to open my eyes to what I can discover in the big city…

photo credit Steven Ballmer

photo credit Jack... thanks Jack!

One great thing about the city is that there are some lovely venues to play.  This was at the Sweetwater Music Hall where I played a Sunday brunch show on the patio.  I also played a coffee shop in San Francisco and a house show in Oakland.  Thanks to Arnaz, Slam, and Trevitt for helping set up the gigs!

People are what make a city.  Some of my favorite people are nestled in the bay region, and every time I go I meet some new favorites to add to the list.  Here are a few of my bay friends…

Friend, Sister, Me, Cousin

Toodle & Trevitt

Me & Kasey.  He's a music sales rep out here.  I use to call in orders to him last year while working at Blue Eagle.  At some point on the phone I realized that he lived in Oakland.  So we got to meet face to face for a beer and talk music... in our matching tee's!

Family tree... In the redwoods with cousin Steven, Meghan, and Emerson


Luckily for me this city is located just one big bridge away from public recreation lands and parks.  Being so close to these redwoods and beaches is a beautiful thing.


Rodeo Beach

A panorama from Bird Island overlook

Thanks to everyone who showed me around and made me feel so welcome in this big place.  I always gain some insight, empathy, and appreciation.  

Now I’m back on The Ranch taking a short break from the road.  I just finished my taxes today, painted some truck panels, and helped unload a wood truck...


What’s next?  I hear there are some wild flowers still blooming over in Death Valley.  Anyone want to meet me there?