October News

Happy fall ya'll!

  First off, if you're around southeast Ohio join me over in Amesville for Coonskin Friday this week.

 Thanks for tuning in to these monthly musings! Here's where I am since the last update...

  Joe Stevens and River Glen, fellow wandering minstrels, were passing thru town one night only, and I was able to snag them for their harmonious backing vocals and fiddle in the studio.  I've shared shows with these guys in the past and often play with Joe when I'm in California.  I love these guys!

Joe Stevens belting it out!



River Glen
  Then I spent many hours in the studio with Bernie mixing, fixing, listening, listening, mixing, remixing, listening... Then I took it home and listened more with friends, at work, in the car, on headphones, in a boat, with a goat... etc. And now (thankfully) its on to being mastered!  AND I'm still really excited about it!
  I love that this project has been such a group effort. This album has brought such great connections; with all the kickstarter backers, with other musicians, with Bernie in the studio, with the local t-shirt printers, with artists, designers, and photographers, and with everyone who has asked me recently, "Hey, how's the album coming?"  Well it's coming right along, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for your patience and support!  
  And T-shirts are in!  These beauties were designed by my friend John Surprenant (Gypsy John to you fellow wanderers) and printed locally at Precision Imprint in Athens.   If you would like to order one just get in touch with me.


Heather Green, Sunset, & Light Blue
  In other news, I'm selling my Subaru and bought a Dodge Caravan.  I'm excited to make this into a livable touring mobile. The van was John Borchards's who plays some leads and an amazing pedal steel on my new album.  He has driven it to many gigs and I'm sure that it's full of good music vibes.  I'll post some photos when I settle into it a little more.  
  Until next time, I hope you are finding some time to play outside.  The fall colors are just starting to show around here and my not so shy neighbors are roaming about...
Thanks for reading, 

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