November News

Well the calendar just flipped again... 

The past month has been full!  I realized that I've been busy.  Maybe too busy.  I've been working at Blue Eagle, finishing the album, writing new songs, and booking a release tour.  As I was driving out to camp to teach a few environmental education classes two weeks ago I thought, "Why did I say I could work these 2 days?  I'm too busy for this." Then, when I got there and hit the trail with a group of curious kids all time slowed down.  It was exactly what I needed. The colors here in the Ohio hills are fading from those vibrant reds into that subdued rust.  I've been slowing down and spending more time outside. 

I recently spent a few mellow mornings over coffee and egg sandwiches with my friend Charlie Touvell, a fine artist, musician, and graphic designer. Charlie helped me take Gypsy John's original art, some photos, and the album text from paper and imagination to 3D reality. Then last Thursday we submitted the album artwork!

 Here's a link to the 3D mock up!  It's pretty fun.  (it was cool on the computer, but the colors looked strangely blue on my phone screen. don't be alarmed, I just don't think it's formatted for mobile devices.) CLICK HERE FOR A 3D ADVENTURE!

Now the album is in the hands of the fine folks over at Oasis Cd in New Jersey. The whole replication happens here in the USA using recycled paper board, eco-friendly inks, and 100% postconsumer recycled plastic bottle trays.  I love these guys.  I've been watching updates and it's estimated to arrive on November 12th! 

If you are in Athens please join me for a release concert at Donkey Coffee on Saturday November 21st.  I'd love to see you there! My friend Bruce Dalzell, a crafty songwriter and the organizer for the Athens Songwriters Circle, will be opening up the evening with his fine craftsmanship.

Oh and one more visual:

Stickers are here!
Thanks for staying connected!  I can't wait to share all these goodies with you!

-Megan Bee




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