I had the pleasure of doing a couple interviews when my album Waiting came out this summer.

 Here's the link for The Dirt Poor Podcast with Ben Davis Jr.:

And on WOUB with Emily Votaw:



Me, Rivers, Wildflowers, and Foxes  


I was talking to a friend recently about writing.  He asked if reading my blog would help people get to know me better.  I had never thought about this question before.  How personal is my blog?  How personal do I want it to be?  How do you really know someone anyways?  

I have been thinking about my neglected blog lately though.  Normally my blog has been stories and photos of travelling.  My travel life has slowed down a little in the past year due to my own desires and in turn, my blog postings have…

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Thoughts from Stay-At-Home... 

Dear friends, fans, family, 

In February I was in the Redwoods (pictured above) with my sister.  I flew home three weeks ago, and since then things have been changing rapidly.   

Ohio has now joined the Stay-At-Home Orders.  I have lots of time on my hands since all of my gigs in the near future have been cancelled.  Being in a creative career has always involves having to bend and flow with situations.  I am missing my live performances, and I am trying to find creative space.   

Before things shut down I…

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Looking Back on Summer 

“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall.”  – Ann Patchett

It's officially fall.  As summer came in I felt this strong urge to grasp it and make it last as long as possible.  At points it seemed to be just slipping through my fingers like trying to hold onto a handful of sand.  Now, looking back I see that it was full and deep.  There were many shows, new songs written, gardens tended, and some lovely…

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California in 3 Parts 

I spent this past month touring through California.  Originally the trip was planned as a full tour with another songwriter, but they dropped off due to personal issues.  I was disappointed, concerned, and left with a big change in logistics of going it alone.  But, I had a plane ticket, a couple of booked shows, and many loving friends in the west.  The trip was a process of letting go of expectations and opening myself up to what might come from the beauty of the unknown and the unplanned.  Here is an…

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On Writing 

At the end of a recent interview on our local Athens station I was asked what my future hope was for my music.  The interviewer mentioned that I have had some success with touring and recording, and he asked if this was the big goal.


I said, "I just want to keep writing, I want to be a better writer, I love writing.”


In an interview things just come out when you don't have time to think about what you're going to say.  Afterwards it got me thinking about all the things I could have said such as I want …Read more

From Ohio to Iowa 

This month I took a tour with my pal Joe Stevens.  He flew to Ohio from California and we did a run of 9 shows from Ohio to Iowa.  In Iowa we met up with the amazing River Glen Trio and Jes & Jakob.  I began the tour with laryngitis and could barely even talk for one show.  It tested my patience.  I did recover, but the process was slow.  Thanks to the amazing outpouring of support from friends and fans and especially Joe who had to carry the show on when I was down.  I leave you all with this video…

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The Great Northeast 

My journey through New England was part family vacation, part farm work, part music tour, part hiking trip, part... well there were lots of parts to it.  I got to see some family and friends I hadn't seen in a while, camp in some picturesque places, and eat more fresh picked fruit then I had all year.  

The trip started with a gig at Billsboro Winery in Geneva, NY...



The Finger Lakes Region is stunning.  My parents came on the first leg of the trip to visit with my cousin Betsy and her family there…

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Beautiful Ohio 

Sometimes when I'm traveling people ask where I'm from.  When I tell them Ohio I get a variety of reactions.  My least favorite is "Oh, I'm sorry" to which I respond "Don't be, I love it."  Then there is the, "Oh, I think I drove thru there once" or "That's all flat farmland isn't it?".  Sometimes people think they know where Ohio is, but then you realize they're thinking of Idaho or Iowa.  

This whole season I've been touring around to some unique and wonderful Ohio towns.  I wanted to share some snap…

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12 Photos 

At the end of this southern tour I found myself with hundreds of photos.  I decided to narrow it down to 12 for the blog so it didn't feel like an old family vacation slide shows that your uncle use to make you sit through.  

I chose 12 from off the beaten path, backstage, and behind the scenes...


1. Abandoned Gas Station

This station is on the east side of the Salton Sea.  I never ran out of gas on this tour, but there were some nervous moments when the distance between gas stations was farther than…

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