Postcards from the Road

Just finished up three weeks on the road.   I collaged these postcards.  Surely not a full documentation of my trip.  Just little glimpses from my heart to yours…

“My first gigs of the tour were in Iowa.  This one was a fun scene playing from the open window at the back of the stage facing the folks sitting in the street.  I stayed with my friend Pearl here on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.”


“Chicago!  Music by night and bicycle by day!  So easy to get around by bike here.  I stayed with my friend Josh who I've known since first grade.”


“On to Minneapolis.  Surprisingly this was the only swimming I did this tour!  Lots of lakes here.  I got to share the stage with Mother Banjo.  I stayed with my friends Justin and Emily.  Justin and I used to be camp counselors together at Camp Oty' Okwa!”


“Flew from MN to OH for NMF!  So worth the trip!  Lucinda Williams, Margo Price, Sierra Ferrell!  What a line up.  I got to play the dreamy creekside stage back in the woods.  They filmed all of those sets, so stay tuned for the video some time this fall.”


“Back on the road to South Dakota!  This festival is in a small town just outside of Sioux Falls and put on by songwriter Matt Fockler.  No main stage, no schedule.  Just lots of songwriters, songs, and sharing.  There were in-the-round sets going on all day in the cafe and song circles til late at night in the campground.”


“Bike riding.  The sky so big it could swallow you.”


“Stopped at the World's Only Corn Palace on my way out of Montrose!  My dad wanted to stop here on a family vacation when I was a kid, and it was fun to see it again twenty-five years later.  The building is covered in murals of corn inside and out!”


“Another roadside attraction!  I was driving the backroads of Nebraska when all of a sudden.. Carhenge!”


“I took very few pictures in Colorado.  Got to reconnect with my songwriting friend Alex Rhodes at the Avogadro's gig.  Was hosted by my songwriting friend Missy in Fort Collins.  We hit up some other jams, wrote songs, and had our own little music camp in between gigs.”


“Picked up my friend Steve in Colorado Springs and he helped my drive home.  One notable stop on the drive was to climb Monks Mound at Cahokia.  There are over 100 mounds in this ancient village.  There were likely 20,000 residents around the year 1000.  You can see St. Louis if you look close on the left pic.”


“My mighty minivan made it through another trip with only minor maintenence. (Glueing LEM back to the dashboard and replacing a headlight.)  Met my new friend Deblyn who drives the same year and model as me!  I'm back in Ohio now!  Hope to see you around!”

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