Land of the 17-year Cicada

Southern Ohio is vibrating with 17-year cicadas.  I couldn't be more delighted.  I've always enjoyed their drone, buzz, and siren-like eeeeerrr.  They are everywhere.  Here's a little story of one...

For the past few weeks I was teaching environmental education up at Camp Oty' Okwa.  My co-worker, Shep, and I were sitting on a log when we saw something coming out of the ground.  This little wingless pupa was crawling around looking for something to climb up.  It tried climbing a log we set out for it, but fell down during a few tries.  At one point we stopped paying attention and noticed again only as it was climbing Shep's leg...

We relocated it back to the grass where it went up a dandelion to shed it's shell.  A couple hours after sunset it was finally pulling itself out.

Then one big sit up...

Then it sat drying it's wings for another hour or so...

By then I went to bed.  I checked in the morning and all that was left was the empty shell.  I imagine our little friend is one of these guys...

Their music is so powerful and energetic.  It was a great addition to this years Nelsonville Music Festival last weekend.  This year the annual fest went all out to honor the critters.  I got to be part of a community balloon art project where we made these...

Now I can add balloon twisting to my eclectic resume of random skills.  We had the designer leading a small group of ignorant volunteers, and we managed to work together and whip up about 150 of these guys during the first full day of the festival.

We were making them in a building separate from the main area so most people didn't know what was coming until a parade swarmed the festival. 

It was a great way to start this busy month of music gatherings.  I played lots of music and spontaneous silly songs in the campground with old and new friends.  I was in the front row Saturday night to watch Gillian Welch perform, a goal of mine for years.  She was great!

Here's where I'll be performing this month...

June 11th @ 2Pm-dark
Appalachia Rising Festival - Solid Ground Farm

(I'm performing at 6PM)
music - food - obstacle courses - community

Friday June 17th @ 8PM
City Nights Live! - Covington, KY on TBNK 21/821
(filming starts 8:30PM)
come out for an intimate live studio show!
it will air live on TV and later stream from Youtube...
please come if you're around -
I need someone to cheer when they flash the "applause" sign!

June 20-21 @ 2PM-3PM
Songwriting Workshop of Kids! - Athens Public Library
excited to write with some local kids!

June 22 @ 7PM & June 24 @ 6PM
Summer Solstice Festival - Wisteria
celebration - dancing - music - family - all week long!

June 25 @ 1:45PM
Boogie on the Bricks - Athens, OH
free community street fest! I'll bee on the acoustic stage.

and later that day...

June 25 @ 6PM
Opening for Irene Kelley at Henderson Hall - Williamstown, WV

June 27-28 @ 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Songwriting Workshop of Kids! - Nelsonville Public Library
excited to write with some more local kids!

So break out of your little cicada shell and come see me!
In between all of those gigs I'll be working at Blue Eagle Music. Stop by sometime!

-Megan Bee